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How to Join our guild!

* Read the Guild Rules (all of them)
* Press Join on top of the page
* Answer ALL the questions (if you
dont answer them all we will deny the application)
* Our Officers and Class Leaders will check the application and put you in either the Denyed or Accepted category on the Forum.
Currently we're especially looking for some dedicated healers - But don't let that stop you even if you're not a healer. We still need a few ranged dpser's - but are full on DK's, Warroirs and Hunters. (updated 02-11-09)
Guild Overview    
Guild Overview 
Guild: Angels Of Heaven
Server: Neptulon
Faction: Horde
Accounts: 128
Archangels: 22
Lvling: 12
Angel: 19
Trial: 16

Alt: 60
FriendsTo: 4
Level BreakDown
Lvl 01-09:  1
Lvl 10-19: 6
Lvl 20-29: 4
Lvl 30-39: 11
Lvl 40-49: 3
Lvl 50-59: 2
Lvl 60-69: 16
Lvl 70-79: 13
Lvl 80: 56
Class BreakDown
Warrior:  13
Druid:  14
Paladin: 17
Hunter: 15
Rogue: 13
Priest: 10
Death Knight: 14
Shaman: 12
Mage:  12
Warlock: 14
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Our Latest Kill Ulduar 10
After a few wipes we finaly killed him :) now only 3 bosses left :P


Another boss from Ulduar :)  

Members Online    
There are   members online.

Sadly will both Blondee and Cowie be inactive to newyear  :( Both of us are working alot and Cowie have a few things in school to take care of at the same time. Christmas is comming up and alot more to do when we have some free time. Hope you all understand and that we se ya when we come online :).  And behave till we come back.
Remember.. God can se everything :D:D:D //hugs

Want to become a Class Leader for your class?

Go to the forum and read about the demands.

Have the knowleed in anything pleace visit Tradeskill topic and tell the others! Go to "Characters & settings! Pick the name of the carakter(press Edit) Press "Skill" button! There you can Add your skill :) 




Contact List    
Gm Cowie
Guild Master
Officer / Cl Hunter
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